Tribal Council Nominees Confirmed

As of Tuesday February 22nd, 2022, the Tribal Council Nominees for the Three Districts of Warm Springs have been confirmed.

In the Agency District, Wasco Chief and Permanent Chairman of the Agency District Alfred Smith Jr. as well as Secretaries Jennifer Clements and Angeline Blackwolf signed the Certification of Nominations. In total there are 18 nominees for the Agency District, listed below:

  • Rain Circle
  • Michael Clements
  • Reina Estimo
  • E. Austin Green Jr.
  • Anita Jackson
  • Danni Katchia
  • Uren Leonard Jr.
  • James Manion
  • Daniel Martinez
  • Cyrille Mitchell
  • William Sam
  • Alvis Smith III
  • Glendon Smith
  • Jason Smith
  • Jonathan W. Smith
  • Ryan Smith Sr.
  • Valerie Switzler
  • Dennis White III

In the Seekseequa District, Paiute Chief and Delegated Chairman of the Seekseequa District Joseph Moses as well as Secretaries Shardae Miller and Destiny Summers signed the Certification of Nominations. In total there are 6 nominees for the Seekseequa District, listed below:

  • Rosa Graybael
  • Reuben Henry Sr.
  • Vesta Johnson
  • Brigette McConville
  • Wilson Wewa Jr.
  • Martha Winishut

In the Simnasho District, Warm Springs Sub-Chief and Delegated Chairman of the Simnasho District Rafael Queahpama as well as Secretary Minnie Yahtin signed the Certification of Nominations. In total there are 6 nominees for the Simnasho District, listed below:

  • Carlos Calica
  • Taw Foltz
  • Raymond Moody
  • Emerson Squiemphen
  • Lincoln Suppah
  • Levi Van Pelt

The complete summaries of the Certification of Nominations for each District is available here. Certification of TC Nominations

Tribal Council Elections are scheduled for Wednesday, March 30, 2022 at the Warm Springs Community Center Social Hall from 8am – 8pm.   Absentee Ballot Boxes will be available at the Simnasho Longhouse and the Seekseequa Fire Hall as well.  Off Reservation Tribal Membership can mail in their absentee ballot. Spilyay Tymoo and KWSO are working putting together candidate information for each of the Tribes’ 3 voting districts.  Candidates are asked to contact KWSO to set up a date and time for a short interview and the Spilyay Tymoo requests candidates submit a statement and a photo, no later than March 14th.