BNR public meetings on problem roads

The Natural Resources Branch will host two public meetings next week on two habitat restoration projects.

The projects are the Coyote Creek sub-watershed restoration project at Log Springs, and the Warm Springs River Problem Roads project.

The topics are being combined for tribal member consideration, as both are in regard to fish and wildlife habitat restoration.

The first public meeting will be at noon on Wednesday, March 9, at the Agency Longhouse; and the second meeting will be on March 9 at 6 p.m. at the Simnasho longhouse.

A light lunch will be served at the Agency meeting; and a light dinner will be served at the Simnasho meeting.

Tribal members are encouraged to participate in project planning. They are welcome to voice concerns, and provide valuable ideas and feedback on these projects.

The projects involve de-commissioning certain old logging roads that are detrimental to fish habitat. The roads are also located in deer and elk corridors, impacting habitat for the animals.

The Log Springs project is in the Upper Coyote Creek sub-watershed near Simnasho. The Warm Springs River project involves a road that travels along the river.

Sediment from the roads enters the water, blocking fish spawning habitat. De-commissioning the roads would also help the deer and elk population.

With these road closures, access to these areas is still available by nearby access routes. Rather than hindering hunting opportunities, the projects are intended to increase the wildlife population, thereby improving hunting.

Funding for these projects would come from the Environmental Protection Agency, and possibly from the Bonneville Power Administration.

At the March 9 public meetings, specialists will be on hand to answer questions. For more information, contact Andrea Karoglanian, tribal wildlife biologist, 541-553-2037; or Jon Treasure, Natural Resources hydrologist, 541-553-2020.

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