New beginning for Kah-Nee-Ta

Kah-Nee-Ta Resort and Spa is one of the real treasurers on the reservation. And now there is a renewed effort by the resort board and staff to invest in this unique destination.

The first project is a remodeling of the Juniper Room. The idea for the remodel came from the resort food and beverage manager Alp Kalyon. He suggested the idea to the board, which gave the okay.

The remodel work itself was done completely in-house, by the resort maintenance team and other staff, said Deepak Sehgal, who is helping oversee improvements at Kah-Nee-Ta.

The Juniper Room is now a more open area, where the guests can enjoy the atmosphere of the lodge lobby.

How this project happened—with the inspiration and work coming directly from staff—is how the overall resort improvements are happening, Sehgal said.

“We want the employees to be a big part of the planning. We’re open to any new ideas to help the resort,” he said.

Some other improvements that are coming to the resort are new high-definition televisions, new beds and bedding, new carpets and drapes. Even the front doors will be replaced with a more modern entranceway.

The interesting wood-work panels on the existing doors will be preserved, and could be incorporated as artwork elsewhere in the lodge, said Priscilla Frank, board member.

The resort will also be re-focusing on the culture of the tribes as part of the experience for the guests, Mr. Sehgal said.

This will begin at the front desk, when the guests first check in. They will be given a bottle of water with a label that explains the significance of water to the tribal members.

The narrative on the label was written by Duran Bobb. “In a single drop of ‘chush,’ there is life,” the narrative begins.

And concludes: “Now we invite you to participate in this timeless tradition… Chush!”

It has been too long since the resort has seen this much care and attention, and the progress will be welcome and exciting to see.

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