Red Cross Disaster Action Team training

Tribal members recently completed a Red Cross Disaster Action Team training.

The training, held at the Family Resource Center, covered immediate disaster relief services.

Taking part in the training were Don Courtney, Vincent Simtustus, Paul Martinez Sr., Eldred Smith, Geraldine Polk, Andria Sapuay, Emma Smith, Rose Alarcon, Neal Morningowl, Becky Picard, Lorena Medina, Doreen Johnson and Bert Simtustus.

All are now certified with Red Cross vests and identification badges.

The training covered the Red Cross services provided, in case of emergency, to those most affected by the disaster situation.

When the Red Cross is contacted in regard to a disaster, a duty officer is assigned. The duty officer has the responsibility to coordinate the response.

The duty officer assesses the disasters emergency needs, and contacts the Disaster Action Team, who then respond to the circumstances at hand.

Future training is being set up. If you are interested in becoming a Red Cross volunteer, the meeting is set for June 15 (time to be determined).

On July 8-9 the Disaster Action Team will meet for training for emergency sheltering. (The July 9 class is only open to those who attended the July 8 training.)

Cogratulations to all those who completed the recent Disaster Action Team training.