Road work by industrial park

Warm Springs Construction is working on the Upper Dry Creek re-alignment project by the industrial park. The re-alignment will correct a road safety condition at the intersection of Upper Dry Creek and Highway 3.

With the previous alignment, there was a tendency for the traffic to merge on and off the highway, which was dangerous. The funding for the work is through the BIA.

Another project at the industrial park is a building project that is planned north of the vehicle pool. This is a Warm Springs Ventures project, as approved by Tribal Council.

The building was to be used as a maintenance facility for the Ventures unmanned aerial systems program. A more recent possibility is for the new structure to house a UAS manufacturing facility.

An issue to be resolved is bringing wastewater infrastructure to the industrial park. The area could tie into the system at the campus area.

Ongoing issue

An on-going issue has been the need to replace the campus pipes, which are very old. The Confederated Tribes has encouraged the BIA to fund this project, but there has been no action for several years now.

At a recent Tribal Council meeting, chief operations officer Alyssa Macy gave an update, suggesting the Council address a letter to the BIA regarding the matter.

Councilman Jody Calica mentioned the U. S. v. White Mountain Apache Tribe as precedent for the BIA responsibilty. In the case the Supreme Court held that when the federal government used land or property held in trust for an Indian tribe, it had the duty to maintain that land or property, and was liable for any damages for a breach of that duty.

The original infrastructure at the campus area was installed decades ago by the federal government, and the trust responsibility remains, as stated in the White Mountain Apache case.