Taking a swing at KNT golf

It was a case of being at the right place at the right time. Like a hole in one. Or better yet, a double eagle.

An avid golfer, Brent Moschetti was a long-time member of the Kah-Nee-Ta course. Mr. Moschetti retired from his medical supplies business at the end of last year, with the idea of playing more golf.

A short time later he received word that the Kah-Nee-Ta Golf Course was closing, due to finances at the resort.

He knew that closing the course for a year or two—letting the fairways and greens go fallow—would mean the course would probably never open again, at least not without substantial and costly renovation. “And I would hate to see it close,” Moschetti was saying recently.

So he contacted the Kah-Nee-Ta board and management. His proposal was that he would operate and maintain the course and clubhouse.

This was a decision based on love of the game, and a desire to help the resort, rather than for profit. “As long as I don’t lose money,” Moschetti says of the venture.

Over the past few weeks he has already made improvements at the course, trimming trees, getting the rough under control, re-sanding the traps, landscaping around the clubhouse. The course will open on March 10, and the concession should be ready by April 10.

Here is an interesting golf fact: Every year there are tens of thousands of holes-in-one. The double eagle—three under par on a hole—is much more rare: There are only a few hundred of these each year.

Visit the Kah-Nee-Ta Golf Course club house and you’ll see a certificate showing Brent Moschetti and his late father Wilbur are one of only four father and sons in the U.S. ever to have both hit double eagles.