Subsistence fishery opening

Zone 6 Platform and Hook & Line Fishery

Effective immediately the Zone 6 platform and hook & line fishing will re-open to subsistence fishing only. The summer management period begins Saturday, June 16th, please stay tuned for the next opening.

Zone 6 Commercial Sturgeon Fishery

A sturgeon setline fishery has been set for the John Day Pool.

It begins at 6 am, Wednesday, June 6th and runs through 6 pm, Friday, June 15th. Standard river mouth and dam sanctuaries applicable to setline gear apply. Allowed gear is setlines with no more than 100 hooks per line and a minimum hook size of 9/0. Treble hooks are not allowed. Lines must have visible buoys attached and be labeled with the owners name and tribal identification.

Allowed sales are sturgeon between 43 and 54 inches fork length. These fish may be sold or kept for subsistence use. Sturgeon caught on platform or hook & line gear in the John Day Pool may also be sold during this season. Fish may be sold after the period ends if caught during the open period.