Scotch Thistle – Invasive Weed

“Invasive Weeds” are non-native plants that crowd our native and desirable species important to Warm Springs People and Wildlife.

Scotch Thistle is a serious problem in rangeland.  Dense stands of the large spiny plants exclude animals from grazing and block access to water.  A branched, biennial or annual with a broadly webbed stem that can grow up to 8 feet or more in height and 6 feet in width.  Small areas can be dug out.  Mowing has limited effectiveness for control, usually only preventing seed production.

To learn more about controlling invasive weeds like Scotch Thistle –  you can contact these local resources: Suzie Miller at the Warm Springs Branch of Natural Resources (541-553-2007, [email protected]), Terry Stradley at the Warm Springs Branch of Natural Resources (541-553-2009, [email protected]), Todd Shockney at the Jefferson County Noxious Weed Department (541-475-4459 ext. 5325), Scott Duggan, Oregon State University Warm Springs Extension (541-553-3238, [email protected])