Yellow Starthistle – Invasive Weed

“Invasive Weeds” are non-native plants that crowd our native and desirable species important to Warm Springs People and Wildlife.

Yellow Starthistle is an aggressive species that has invaded millions of acres of rangeland in the western United States.  Cattle feeding on this plant may be poorly nourished and eyes can be damaged by the spiny flower heads.  Horses may be poisoned and develop chewing disease.  A winter annual 10-36 inches tall; spreads by seed; produces 150,000 seeds per plant.

To learn more about controlling invasive weeds like Yellow Starthistle – you can contact these local resources:  Suzie Miller at the Warm Springs Branch of Natural Resources (541-553-2007, [email protected]), Terry Stradley at the Warm Springs Branch of Natural Resources (541-553-2009, [email protected]), Todd Shockney at the Jefferson County Noxious Weed Department (541-475-4459 ext. 5325), Scott Duggan, Oregon State University Warm Springs Extension (541-553-3238,  [email protected])