Teasel – Invasive Weed

“Invasive Weeds” are non-native plants that crowd our native and desirable species important to Warm Springs People and Wildlife.

Teasel is a perennial or biennial that is oftern seen on roadsides, waste areas, fiels and pastures.  The flowering stems can be from one and a half to 2 and a half feet tall, are ridges and become increasingly prickly.  It is a highly competitive plant, having negative impact on pastures and hay fiels.  It is often spread by the practice of mowing plants after they have formed seeds.  Reproduction is entirely by seed.  A single plant can have 34,000 seeds.  It can be dug up just like a dandelion.

To learn more about controlling invasive weeds like Teasel – you can contact these local resources:  Suzie Miller at the Warm Springs Branch of Natural Resources (541-553-2007, [email protected]), Terry Stradley at the Warm Springs Branch of Natural Resources (541-553-2009, [email protected]), Todd Shockney at the Jefferson County Noxious Weed Department (541-475-4459 ext. 5325), Scott Duggan, Oregon State University Warm Springs Extension (541-553-3238,  [email protected])