Good Sleep = Good Health

Can You Really Catch Up On Sleep?

Researchers found that in people who are chronically sleep deprived can improve their alertness and ability to perform tasks the next day by sleeping for 10 hours during one night.   However, researchers also found that getting a long nights sleep doesn’t counteract the health effects of sleep deprivation over the long term. When your sleep schedule varies from night to night – like when you sleep during the week and hibernate on weekends – you increase your risk of obesity.  Sleep patterns and weight gain?  Yep..  it’s a thing.

Improve on your sleep patterns to be a healthier you.  When you have a poor night’s sleep – Take a nap.  It will perk you up and can reverse the negative effects of lack of sleep.  And when it is time for you to sleep – give yourself a quiet and comfortable place to do it.  Turn out all lights and the TV.  Shut your blinds and curtains.  And sleep in a bed – not on the couch.  This message for Healthy Living is brought to you by the Warm Springs Diabetes Program.