KWSO radio is working with Tribal Member Dr. Shilo Tippett on a new initiative around COVID-19.  The public awareness campaign is being designed to empower community members, during this phase of the pandemic with: Education; Understanding/Perspective; and Hope.  Tippett is a licensed clinical psychologist who works at St. Charles, Madras.  She brings her expertise from working with individuals in a number of areas including post traumatic stress.

The #EmpowerWarmSprings campaign recognizes that the pandemic has been a struggle for everyone.  Along the way – fear and anxiety have worn people down.  Now seems like the perfect time to restore feelings of hope and also more understanding about our experiences with the pandemic and how to move forward in a good way.

Now, we can be hopeful with vaccine going into arms.  But at the same time we all need to commit to continuing to follow all COVID-19 precautions because there is still a long way to go.

Goals of the #EmpowerWarmSprings campaign are to offer:

  • Timely, factual information
  • Encouragement
  • Opportunity to connect and unite with others with a common vision of wellness and the future.

There is an opportunity for community members to be part of the social media campaign by contacting [email protected] to have a picture taken with your mask on, that will be used for a graphic to be shared online.  OR you can make your own graphic by downloading one of the PNG images below and laying over your photo (if you have an app or software that can do that for you)  If you can post that to social media – make sure you use the hashtag #EmpowerWarmSprings.




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