Grip Strength

Get A Grip On Your Health

Having a strong grip is a powerful indicator of overall health. Research has shown that a person’s grip strength may be predictive of their longevity, future disability, depression, and cardiovascular function. In 2015, the Prospective Urban-Rural Epidemiological (PURE) study found that for each 11 pound decrease in grip strength, there was a 16% higher risk of dying from any cause, a 17% higher risk of dying from heart disease, a 9% higher risk of stroke, and a 7% higher risk of heart attack.

While grip strength is not necessarily a goal targeted in every workout plan, this profound data suggests that focusing attention on this area may have a significant impact on our health. Here are a few exercises of varying difficulties that can get you started.

If you have further questions about the importance of grip strength, please reach out to the Warm Springs Holistic Health Physical Therapy team at (541) 777-2663 for more information.

article by: Alicia Oberholzer PT, DPT, OCS

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