WSK8 Lockout

Yesterday (2/11/2021) a school Lockout protocol was initiated at the Warm Springs K-8 Academy.  According to School Resource Officer Kevin O’Brien, the protocol was followed to aid in locating a student who was of interest to the school counselors.

The student had left his residence that morning to walk to school, however, this student did not make it to the school and returned home without the parent/guardian or the school staff’s knowledge. There was some confusion as to the students whereabouts between the school and home.
The Lockout was initiated as a precautionary measure and to help account for all students in the building. A Warm Springs Patrol Officer was then dispatched to the residence where the student was discovered safely at home and received services from Warm Springs Community Counseling.
During a Lockout, all students are brought inside the building and accounted for. The perimeter doors are locked and access into and out of the school are restricted.  This protocol also initiates an increased police presence in and around the school.
Safety protocols are well established.  Officer O’Brien is available for students or families who have any questions or concerns.  You can email him at [email protected], contact him through WSTPD dispatch, 541-553-1171.
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