Cougar Sighting

The Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs Branch of Natural Resources continues to investigate a cougar sighting in the vicinity of the Warm Springs K-8 Academy and are doing some tracking today.  They have eyewitness descriptions of what is described accurately as a cougar or mountain lion.  Local residents are reminded to secure their pets at night, as especially domestic cats do attract cougars.

Cougars weigh up to 175 pounds, and are much bigger than bobcats, which rarely exceed 45 pounds.  One tell-tale characteristic of a cougar is its long, thick tail, which can be as long as three feet and is often about a third the length of its nose-to-tail figure.  Bobcats have a “bob” tail, which is much shorter.

In addition to Natural Resources, Warm Springs Tribal Police have also stepped up patrolling the area.  Community members are advised to avoid walking near the K-8 Academy especially in the evening and at nighttime.

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