CTWS Draft 2022 Tribal Budget

The Tribal Council and staff have developed a draft 2022 budget for the organization, with a bottom line of $16,627,983. This is $323,142 above the cur-rent year budget expenditures of $16,304,841.

Some of the enterprises, es-pecially Power and Water and Timber, saw decreases in their dividends to the tribes. Power and Water, for instance, saw a decrease of $1.5 million from last year’s $1.8 million. And to-tal Timber revenue is down more than $1.5 million.

However, the American Rescue Plan Act—ARPA—would contrib-ute $4,699,183 to the 2022 budget, according to the Draft Budget

While the overall non-Timber enterprise dividends were down by$1.2 million, Indian Head Casino would see an increase of $200,000 to its dividend; and Warm Springs Composite Products would see an increase of $250,000, according to the draft presentation. The carbon sequestration program is also see-ing a complete reduction, of $1 mil-lion from the previous year of $1 million, though this was anticipated.

The Senior Pension will see an increase of $92,000 from 2021 to$2,144,100 in 2022. Some other notes:  Fines and fees are pro-jected to stay about the same at$809,000 for 2022; total interest revenue would also stay the same at $500,000; and overall Commu-nity Assistance—funeral grants, emergency fire relief, Miss Warm Springs, etc.—would also stay the same at $191,500.

Details on the tribal department proposals for 2022 are in the Draft Budget.  The bottom line difference in department funding would increase by $248,070 to$11.8 million. Public Safety would see an increase of $180,620 to $2,650,316.

The draft budget mail-out and questionnaire is scheduled to go out on October 16.

Like last year, there can be no District or General Council meet-ings regarding this draft budget, for Covid-19 safety reasons.

Tribal Council would like the membership to look over the Draft Budget and give input by completing this short questionnaire

2022 budget questionaire and survey

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