Tribal Council News

Warm Springs Tribal Council met in November.  Some of the actions they approved were:

  • November 9th – for the Secretary Treasurer-CEO to attend the TERO Legal Conference.
  • November 10th – there was a Water Treatment Plant Update and a subsequent approval us use the Chuush Fund to support employee salary increases and Public Utilities operation budget for 2022 and 2023.
  • November 22nd – Barbara Haslinger and Dan Ahern were appointed to serve as a Tribal Counrt Judge Pro Tempre to hear and preside over cases as needed.  The 2022 Jury list was also approved.  Mike Marcotte was approved as an alternate on the Warm Springs Joint Health Commission.   A 25 year Commercial/Business Lease was granted to the Casino Enterprise in the Walsey Lane Area adjacent to the Warm Springs Plaza.  Tena Jackson was appointed to the Warm Springs Casino and Gaming Enterprise Board of Directors.  Warm Springs Housing Authority was granted a 25 year master lease in the Park Heights area.  2022 Fishing Regulations were approved.
  • November 23rd – Thomas Weathers, James David Williams, Richard Uffleman, and Anthony Broadman were appointed as Appeals Court Judges for the Warm Springs Court of Appeals, and are appointed for a three year term.
  • November 29th – funding was approved for the Warm Springs Intensive Forest Management Program.  Additionally – funding was allocated for the Senior Distribution Fund for 2022.  Tribal Council also approved a budget of 16 million, six hundred and twenty seven thousand, nine hundred and eighty three dollars for Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs in 2022.
  • December 6th – Tribal Council approved allocation of Health Services Fund Collections for the Calendar Year 2022.  Six hundred and fifty thousand dollars was approved for the Tribes’ Scholarship Fund.  And one million six hundred ten thousand dollars was approved for per capita distributions to Tribal Members at $25 each month.

You can see the full Summary of these meetings here:



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