Voice Services through Warm Springs Telecom “DOWN”

Warm Springs Telecom has reported that ALL voice services they oversee are down. As they continue to upgrade and update the Telephone company, they are continually finding problems.

For the past  year they have been working on a plan to bypass old equipment and have it mostly installed but have a lot of programming to do to bring the new phone switch online. They had hoped the equipment would stay alive long enough for completion of the complex installation and migration process, but the equipment failed Monday Morning. There are a couple of engineers helping to try to get services restored as soon as possible.

Telecom General Manager Tim York says it’s difficult to provide an estimated time, however similar to the accident last week with the fiber cables, he estimates one week and will keep everyone updated on the progress.

York also stated that regardless of this setback, they are making a lot of progress to upgrade as many customers as possible to 25 MBPS internet speed in the next 30-90 days.