Emergency Water Conservation Notice in Effect in Warm Springs

Officials in Warm Springs have issued an emergency water conservation notice effective immediately for the Warm Springs Agency Water System due to an underground fire that occurred at the facility on Friday March 18th.

Currently there is no power to the water treatment plant as the fire burned up a transformer and some electrical wiring. Chico Holliday, General Manager of the Branch of Public Utilities for the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs has stated that the fire burned for awhile and had plumes of smoke just going up for about an hour, but said the damage wasn’t as devastating as he had initially assumed. Holliday stated that a replacement transformer was located in Klamath Falls, will need to be transported here and crews will need to get a crane to remove the old transformer and install the new one. He is hopeful that they can get this resolved within a week, but it depends on what other damage they find after they replace the transformer and electrical wiring.

The areas on the Agency Water system need to take action to be prepared for a water outage. Currently there is not water in Wolfe Point, Sunnyside, Upper Dry Creek, Miller Heights and the Campus area. Subdivisions south of shitike creek still do have some water and are urged to conserve water by ensuring to turn off running water when doing dishes or brushing teeth, skipping baths and showers or taking shorter showers and ensuring that outside water is completely turned off.

Water Distribution has been set up at Warm Springs Emergency Management and runs daily from 9am-4pm. Showers are also available from 6am-9pm daily.