Art Project involving Youth

An effort as part of a meal project involving youth, has put new artwork on the old gas station next to Rainbow Market just off of the reservation on the east side of the Deschutes River.

This week, students from the Warm Springs K-8 Academy were able to add their hand prints to create 3 trees that are part of a mountain scene. The depiction is on the side of the old gas station that faces the Rainbow Market.

Charlene Dimmick has been working on the mural project at the old gas station with guidance from the leadership class at the Warm Springs K-8 Academy. Ardis Smith Clark and Lonnie Henderson helped coordinate a mini field trip for the whole school to put students hand prints on the mural making the three trees. In a Facebook post Dimmick explains the project: “The significance of the trees in the design is that two tribes came to this land when the reservation was created and later adding one more. Over time, we have grown as a tribe and have included those who have come to this land and into this community. Each new year, we will continue to grow like trees.”

The mural project was a collaborative effort of the Warm Springs K-8 teaching staff, the Papalaxsimisha program, the Warm Springs Police Department, the Warm Springs Community Action Team and community clean up helpers.