2022 Below Bonneville Fishery

A day has been opened up for fishing below the Bonneville Fishery for Sunday May 8, 2022.

Regulations for the fishing day has been set. The fishery shall be open for elders only (55 years and older) with fishing times may be limited by location fished such as Hamilton Park (access gates open 5am-10pm). Only one pole and pole holder allowed per person. Warm Springs Tribal Members may harvest salmon, steelhead, shad, walleye, carp, catfish, yellow perch and bass for subsistence purposes only on Sunday May 8, 2022.

The bag limit is 5 adults and 2 jacks (under 24″ in length) per person and fishing must cease after the adult bag limit is reached. Fish must be caught by and for the fisherman not others. Caretakers can help fishers or handicapped to participate in fishing activities but cannot fish for themselves unless over 55 years old. The sale of fish is strictly prohibited as this is a subsistence fishery only. Sturgeon may not be retained. Warm Springs Tribal Members must carry their tribal I.D. and present it if asked for by state or tribal enforcement officers.

Full details of these regulations can be found in this Link SCAN OF 2nd 2022 BELOW BONN FISHERY.