Museum at Warm Springs Cleanup

A veteran and First Responder-based National Organization that supports communities before, during and after disasters has teamed up to cut down trees, trimming branches, clearing brush and doing overall fuel reduction and fire mitigation over this past weekend.

Team Rubicon, a group of nearly 20 people working in Warm Springs are mostly veterans, first responders and a few civilians are here on a volunteer basis. Bill Terrill is the incident commander for the Warm Springs Operation with Team Rubicon: “We don’t fight fires, but if we can stop some of the damage that can happen from a fire before it actually happens, that’s why we’re here and we tend to focus on areas that need help.” While Team Rubicon is focusing on areas around the museum, the casino and Highway 26, Dan Martinez, Tribal Emergency Manager for the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs, feels blessed any part of Warm Springs will be better-positioned to minimize risk, save homes and possibly save lives.

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