Building Youth Resiliency

The Building Youth Resiliency Summer Camp is this week, Monday through Thursday 1-5pm at the old Elementary School.  The camp is for ages 8 to 18.

Jaycelene Brisbois from Opioid Prevention explains the camp’s focus:  “The camp is about building youth resiliency.  Resiliency is making people aware of situations – their own emotional reactions and the behavior of those around them.  We do that by remaining aware they can maintain control of the situation and think of new ways to tackle the problem.  In many cases resilient people – they emerge stronger after such difficulties and that attributes so much in our young people’s lives.  Substance Abuse, Peer Pressure, Bullying, Healthy Relationships and even regulating themselves”.    

The camp follows a conference style format.

“We actually have 1-5 every day and just general housekeeping, registration, mingling, socialization, doing some ice breakers.  We’ll have prevention messaging every day and then we will have Culture groups and crafts to end the day.  But on Wednesday we will have the MAC open Swim from 3:30 to 5:30 if anyone wants to join us we will be at the MAC swimming for up to the first 160 that make it and then on Friday the youth that participate in the camp will get a bracelet to ride the rides at the Jefferson County Fair.  And we’ll have movie passes to give out to the kids all week long for modeling good behavior, being helpful, bully prevention, all those things great things we want to attribute incentive for them for being a good person.

Camp Schedule

Camp Flyer

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