CTWS BNR Seeking Public Input

The Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs, Branch of Natural Resources is seeking public input on the Tenino Fuels Reduction Project as well as the Clackamas Meadow Timber Sale.

One of the tools used for public outreach is online surveys. The primary goal of the Tenino Fuels reduction project is to reduce hazardous fuel loads to decrease risk of catastrophic wildfires on Tenino Bench with secondary objectives to improve overall forest health and resiliency to insect outbreaks, drought and improving big game habitat. The Clackamas Meadows Timber Sale is located in the northwest corner of the Warm Spring Reservation. The sale will be used to treat and manage more than 24 thousand acres of tribal forest land. The sale will be used to address forest health issues, provide local employment, provide economic income for the Tribes and in some places help enhance cultural plant communities.

All tribal members are invited to take a moment to participate in the survey. The links to both survey’s are available below:

Clackamas Meadows Timber Sale Survey 

Tenino Fuels Reduction Project Survey

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