“UPDATE” Wisconsin Man missing in Warm Springs Area

UPDATE: Mr. Bock was found by a Warm Springs Resident sitting beside the B140 Road on the reservation! As stated by Warm Springs Police Department Lieutenant Roon Gregory, Mr. Bock had wanted to hike to the top of Olallie Butte, night came on faster than expected and he spent the first night in a crevasse on the side of Olallie Butte, then got turned around walking back. He was taken to Warm Springs Fire & Safety before being transported to St. Charles – Madras.

News Story from July 13th Press Release:

Warm Springs Tribal Police Department is searching for a man who’s vehicle was found abandoned at the Trout Lake Campground on the western area of the Reservation on July 7th.

After a search of the unlocked vehicle, they determined it to be abandoned and was associated with Edward Andrew Bock of Madison, Wisconsin after finding his wallet and Identification in the vehicle. Bock has not been in contact with his family for several days and the WSTPD is actively searching for any clues to his whereabouts, with his last known location on his cell phone was in Northwest Redmond.

Anyone with information on the location or whereabouts of Edward Bock is encouraged to contact the WS Police Department at 541-553-1171.

The complete Press Release is available here Press Release. Missing Person 7.12.22

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