2022 Huckleberry Trip coming up

The 2022 Huckleberry trip is coming up on Monday August 29th for the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs.

Any attending members must be signed up and complete a liability release form before attending the event. The bus will depart from the Warm Springs Community Center at 8:30am and is expected to arrive at Sahale Lodge at 9:30am, for anyone driving themselves, it is suggested that you meet at Sahale lodge in the main base area. The stadium chair lift rides begin at 10am and the shuttle to Hood River Meadows departs at 10am with the bus returning to the main base area around 11:30am. At 12pm they will have a pray and lunch, then the bus will return to Hood river meadows area for more berry picking. The bus will return from Hood River meadows to Sahale Lodge to meet with the rest of the group at 2:30pm and then the bus will depart from Sahale Lodge to return to Warm Springs at 3pm. Be Sure to bring a hat and wear good walking shoes.

Sign up and turn in your liability release form at KWSO. For any questions contact Sue at 541-460-2255.

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