Warm Springs Telecom Outage Nov 8, 2022

Warm Springs Telecom has a scheduled Maintenance Window for the  SIDWALTER TOWER, SCHOOLIE TOWER  & SIMNASHO AREA on Tuesday, November 8th, 2022.

Police, Fire and all customers in the Sidwalter / Schoolie / Simnasho areas will be affected.

The Estimated Time of Outage is 9am – 5pm

This work involves a complete power shut-down of the SIDWALTER Tower.  They are replacing the old, original Outback INVERTERS which have been failing. The old INVERTERS (when working) produce 20-amps per hour.  The new INVERTERS will produce 100-amps per hour.  A huge improvement and desperately needed at Sidwalter Tower.

Warm Springs Telecom thanks everyone for their patience as they continue to upgrade services for customers.

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