Heart of Oregon Corp. work in Warm Springs

The West Hills neighborhood in Warm Springs has had quite of bit of construction work happening over the past several months as renovation of units is done by the local housing authority, contractors and other programs.

The Heart of Oregon Corps is doing some demolition work this week and the YouthBuild crew is made up of young people from Central Oregon.

“Hi, I’m Shelly Bronson, Construction and Safety Manager for Heart of Oregon Corp. YouthBuild. We are currently in the Warm Springs area, doing deconstruction on three houses. And we have a small team of youth that come out on a daily basis and taking out flooring, taking out walls, working their hearts out. Love working here, we have a great team and would love to see Warm Springs Youth in our program as well. I think it would be a great opportunity.”

The Spring Cohort will begin in April with information session starting in March.

All of the information is available at Home | Heart of Oregon Corps