Exercise – YES YOU CAN!

Here’s how to get past some common barriers to exercise.

  • If you feel like you are too busy at work to “Workout” – THINK AGAIN! The solution is planning ahead.  If you can’t fit in an hour at the gym – then plan for a 20 minute brisk walk on your lunch break.  That’s doable.
  • If your Family Responsibilities keep too busy to exercise – THINK AGAIN! When family takes priority, your best bet might be to weave exercise into everyday parenting duties or weekend family time. Try a family bike ride or walking during baseball practice.
  • Maybe weather is your excuse to not exercise – well you can’t control the weather… But you can keep an eye on the forecast and plan accordingly. Staying on track might mean a change in exercise environment, such as working out in an air-conditioned gym instead of outside when it’s hot.   Plan for an early morning walk on a hot day – or an early evening walk after a rainy day when things clear.
  • The key is making a plan!

This message for Healthy Living is brought to you by the Warm Springs Diabetes Program.

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