WS Prevention Survey

The Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs are conducting an anonymous survey of Tribal members.  This survey will help the Tribe collect information so alcohol and drug prevention services and programs can be adapted to meet our needs.

All project staff will be held to strict confidentiality when handling Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs Tribal member contact and other information.

The information you give will be kept completely confidential.  None of your personal identifying information will be connected to your answers.  The data will be returned to the Tribe in a format that does not allow the information to be traced to any individual Tribal member – no one will be able to trace any of your answers back to you.

The Prevention Program has a grant to provide alcohol and drug prevention activities to the community. We want to make sure that the community’s voice is heard, so we are asking employees to fill out the survey link  – (in addition to paper surveys of community members who are not employees).

  • It should take about 10 minutes and goes directly to our contracted data analyst
  • Your responses are voluntary and private.
  • Please respond as honestly as possible by checking the box or filling in the blank.
  • Once your data is collected, there is the option to enter your name (different        link than the one containing your answers) into a raffle drawing.
  • Five items with an estimated value of $30 per item will be awarded at the end of the survey collection period.