Homelessness Outreach

If you or someone you care about is currently experiencing homelessness in the community of Warm Springs please make contact with folks who provide assistance to the homeless.

  • Buffy – Health Care Analyst (541-615-0141)
  • Fay – Tribal Social Services (541-553-3415)
  • Ron or Joni – HAPPI (541-553-0036)
  • Shawnetta – Medical Social Worker (541-553-2460)

The unhoused are some of our most vulnerable populations for exposure and spread of the infection.  You can also talk to them about ways you can help.  Donations are being accepted for programs that provide:

  • Tents and/or Tarps for shelter
  • Limited food items
  • Sleeping bags and/or Blankets
  • Personal Care Items (hand sanitizers, body cleaning kits, socks, tooth brush/tooth paste, clean water, etc.)
  • Referrals to additional services

You can learn more from this infomational flyer