Stay Home but Don’t Stay Still

Walking is a simple form of exercise that can greatly improve your overall health. Here are a few tips on how to get started and move forward with your program.

Set a Goal: The American Heart Association, American Diabetes Association, and American Cancer Foundation recommend 30 minutes of aerobic exercise, 5 days per week.

First Moves: When getting started, it is okay to break up the 30 minutes into shorter sessions throughout the day. An example of this would be 10 minute walks spaced between the morning, afternoon, and evening. You can work your way up to 15 minutes, 2 times per day and eventually the full 30 minutes. Do your best and progress gradually. The most important part is getting motivated and moving.


  • A good rule of thumb is to increase your training volume by 10% per week. This allows your body to safely adapt to your new routine.
  • Once you reach 30 minutes of duration, try to increase your speed. Researchers at the Mayo Clinic found that individuals with a brisk walking pace lived 15-20 years longer than those who walked at a slower pace.
  • Another way to progress your walking is to embark on trails with uneven ground. This will not only increase the difficulty of your work out, but also improve your balance and strength.
  • Lastly, add an incline. Walking uphill is a great way to increase your heart rate, challenge your muscles, and burn more calories. Camelback awaits!

Fun Fact: A study out of Stanford University in 2015 found that those who walked in nature experienced less anxiety, more positive thoughts, and improved memory than those who walked in an urban setting. This is one of many reasons to take a walk in the woods!

Warm Springs Holistic Health is creating a series of videos to educate folks about many of the aspects invloved with the work they do.

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