Based on a 2016 study by the Journal of American Medical Association, adolescents between the ages of 12-19 spend on average 8.2 hours of their day sitting. Adults over the age of 20 were not far behind, reporting an average of 6.4 hours of sitting daily. Between academics and office jobs, prolonged inactivity can be difficult to avoid for many people. Having healthy posture habits can prevent commonly associated neck, shoulder and back problems and also improve your mood and energy throughout the day.

Quick tips while working on a computer:

  • Keep your monitor at eye level and place your keyboard close to your body.

  • Sit in a chair with back support to avoid slumping.

  • Make sure your feet are firmly planted on the ground or use a foot stool if your feet don’t reach the ground.

  • Consider a desk that can be converted to a standing desk.

  • Give your eyes a rest by looking away from your computer every 20 minutes and focusing on a distant object.

  • Keep your muscles flexible and joints lubricated by taking standing, walking, or stretching breaks every 30-45 minutes.

Quick tips while talking on the phone:

  • Avoid tilting your head or holding a phone between your ear and shoulder.

  • Use a headset or headphones to keep your head in a neutral position.

  • Use a speakerphone to avoid tilting your neck.

Quick tips while texting:

  • Keep your phone screen at eye level to avoid bending your neck.

  • Keep your neck relaxed and avoid shrugging your shoulders.

  • Use your index finger to prevent overuse of your thumb.

If you have any questions about posture, ergonomics, or achieving wellness through your work day, please feel free to reach out to the Physical Therapy team at Warm Springs Holistic Health.

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