Quarantine Housing

Site prep has been taking place in the area known as “the dips” between Hollywood Boulevard and the Trailer Court.  The CTWS Branch of Health & Human Services, in collaboration with the Warm Springs Housing Authority, has been planning for housing to accomodate homeless people in our community who experience Substance Use Disorders and Serious Mental Health Disorders.  There is also a need for 90 day transitional housing for folks returning from treatment.

That effort has gotten some fast tracking with the immediate need to provide local housing for people impacted by COVID-19 who need a place to isolate.  Tribal Council approved CARES Act Funding to install 7 FEMA trailers, that were obtained a few years ago by Housing.

These homes will be set up to allow COVID-19 impacted people to quarantine locally.  This might be for someone with coronavirus who doesn’t have a place to quarantine – or for members of large households who need to be separated to prevent the spread of illness.   They might be needed to isolate the person with coronavirus or it may be to separate an elder from a household where there is a positive case, to protect them from the illness.

When the pandemic ends – the 7 trailer houses will be used for the initial purpose of providing housing for qualified homeless individuals.  An additional 8 new cottages will be constructed in the second phase of this specific housing need.  That construction is scheduled to begin in Spring of 2021.

You can read an article with additional details – questions and answers about the project on the front page of the December 2, 2020 Spilyay Tymoo.


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