Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs Increases Ownership Locally

A Co-Ownership between the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs and Portland General Electric of the Pelton Round Butte Hydro-electric Project just recently saw the Tribes increase their interest from 33.33% to 49.99%.

After over two decades of partnered ownership of the Pelton Round Butte Project, the Confederated Tribes had an opportunity to increase their interest and after weighing the benefits of such an opportunity and discussion among Tribal Council and the Warm Springs Power & Water Enterprise, decided it was a good decision to move forward with.

The Partnership between the Tribes and PGE have also produced a reintroduction of Salmon and Steelhead into the Deschutes River where they haven’t been able to access for many decades after the dam was built. The reintroduction hasn’t been completely successful, but the progress it’s making is something the Tribes have been hoping for.

Next up for the Tribes, they will have the opportunity in 2036 to acquire a majority ownership interest in the Pelton Round Butte Project, but still have 14 years to see how the current increase benefits the Tribes economically.