COVID-19 Vaccine Mandated for Tribal Employees

The Warm Springs COVID-19 team has given recommendations to the Warm Springs Tribal Council regarding COVID-19 and it was passed on Wednesday January 26th, 2022.

The main concern was the low overall vaccination rate and the strength of current COIVD-19 variants. Following are the Protocols from Resolution #12,697:

  1. For the protection of our community it is mandated that all Tribal employees to be fully vaccinated. Fully vaccinated is defined as follows: If you received Pfizer, that means two doses plus a booster, dates determine by clinical staff. If you received Moderna, that means two doses plus a booster dates determine by clinical staff. If you received Johnson and Johnson, one dose plus a booster two months following your first dose.
  2. Exceptions: HR will grant medical or religious exemptions to this vaccine requirement, so long as the exemption does not pose an undue hardship or direct threat to health or safety. Additional safety precautions or job modifications may be required, in the event an exemption is granted.
    a. Medical exemption to include a letter from your physician to be on file with Human Resource (HR). This is normally defined as being allergic to any of the ingredient used to manufacture the vaccine and/or other underlining medical conditions.
    b. Religious exemption needs to be on file with HR.
  3. Exempt unvaccinated employees will need to test weekly. Self-administered home testing kits will be provided as long as supplies last. If you cannot access a home testing kit then you need to go to clinic to be tested.
  4. Vaccinated employees must produce a copy of their vaccination record to HR, who will keep a copy on file (as well as a list of those not vaccinated).
  5. If you experience any colds, flu or COVID symptoms, do not report to work until tested. If this occurs prior to work hours, during the weekend or a holiday, use a home test kit before reporting to work. If you are positive follow the instructions provided with the kit. If you have been exposed and are told to report to the clinic or if you do not have a home test kit, please go to the clinic to be tested. Home kits will be provided once we receive them. The waiting time for results is 15 mins and they are a valid test. If you take a home test kit and are positive please take a snapshot of it to produce if requested.
  6. If you report to the clinic for a COVID test, please wait to report back to work until you receive your results. You must isolate yourself from any contact until you receive results of your COVID test. This will reduce the spread if you were determined to be positive. Up to 3 hours administrative leave will be granted if you go to the clinic and have to wait for your results, this can only be used two times, if used after two times you will need to take PTO.
  7. If you returned back from work after being positive and completing your quarantine period, you must wear a mask at all times for 5 additional days.
  8. Masks are required for ALL to wear inside tribal public buildings. You must show proof of vaccination before entering any building. Temperature checks need to be taken when entering any building and a daily log kept on file so contact tracers can access if necessary. If an individual cannot show proof of vaccination, they cannot enter the building and must be offered to do business by phone or they may contact HR to arrange another means of access that complies with this policy.
  9. One point of entry to public buildings must be established and monitored.
  10. If a person is in their own private workspace they do not need to wear a mask but if others enter and 6 feet distance cannot be maintained a mask is required.
  11. Community events need to be approved by the COVID Team. Masks are required for inside events and social distancing is recommended. If event is held outside, social distancing is recommended and those more vulnerable or have underlying conditions should wear masks. If food is served it needs to be takeout, or a limited amount of person(s) serving depending on size of those attending and use of paper and plastic throw away products. Servers must wear a mask and wear gloves. No serving yourself.
  12. Buildings no longer will be closed when there is an exposure. Each case will be reviewed by the Emergency Manager or Acting Emergency Manager and evaluated separately and sections will be sanitized.
  13. Those who use tribal vehicles or their personal vehicle as part of their job and have passengers need to wear masks at all times. If alone no need to wear a mask.
  14. All who travel out of the area for work need to be vaccinated. When travel authorization is submitted a copy of your COVID-19 vaccination record card needs to be attached. All requests will be reviewed individually by GM’s and Director’s for approval, if a person is traveling out of state additional approval need to be approved by S/T.
  15. If travel is out of state, upon return and employee shows no symptoms they can return to work but it is recommended but not required to be COVID tested within 5 days of return. Recommend a home self COVID test.
  16. Community members, employees, non-employees and those who travel out of state for personal reasons or vacation are recommended to test within 5 days of return for community safety. Recommend a home self COVID test.

Submitted by COVID Team and approved by Tribal Council on 01-26-2022 .

Below is a link to the chart for the timeline Tribal Employees will have and consequences for not following the protocols.

Employee Vaccination Time Frame 2