CTWS Renewable Energy Possibilities

Next Tuesday February 21, 2023, Warm Springs Power & Water Enterprise along with Branch of Natural Resources Project Inter Disciplinary Team and Navajo Power will be meeting and visiting a potential site for a solar farm that would become part of Power & Water’s clean energy portfolio.

Years Ago – The 25th Tribal Council passed a resolution that directed Power and Water to provide recommendations to them for advancing renewable energy possibilities.  The resolution states that “the approximately 643 thousand acre Warm Springs Reservation contains numerous resources that are essential to the Tribe’s sovereignty and that those resources include, among others, clean water, clear air, timber and range, traditional plants, wildlife and fishery habitat and renewable and other energy resource potential in the form of biomass, wind, geothermal, solar, hydro and thermal….”

A public meeting will be held at noon at the Agency Longhouse to discuss renewable energy in general and new funding that is available that will help create new sources and ultimately revenue for the Tribes’ from renewable energy projects.