Maintain your OHP,CHIP & Medicaid Eligibility Now

Starting April 1, 2023, the Oregon Health Plan will be complying with the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2023. This law includes various Medicaid and Children’s Health Insurance Program provisions, including significant changes to the continuous enrollment condition. The continuous enrollment condition will end on March 31, 2023 and states must return to normal eligibility and enrollment operations.

Some states will be able to terminate Medicaid enrollment for individuals no longer eligible beginning April 1, 2023.  Oregon announced they are committed to Maintaining Coverage. The state will be reevaluating recipient’s Medicaid eligibility and renewal information will be sent out to all currently on the Oregon Health Plan.

To avoid interruptions in benefits American Indians and Alaska Natives with Medicaid or CHIP coverage should:

  1. Update their contact information with their State Medicaid or CHIP program; and
  2. Look out for a letter from their state about completing a renewal form

You can get help from the Warm Springs Health and Wellness Center Contact Representative Team.   In the IHS Business Office that’s: Victoria Katchia, Paula Miller, & Veronica Baez.  In the CTWS Purchased and Referred Care program. that’s Rhonda Green.

  • Team members are certified Community Partners with the Oregon Health Authority
  • Are authorized to assist you in completing your application
  • Will confirm your information and have you sign an authorization to allow them to process an application on your behalf.

If you have questions please bring in any paperwork you may have received from the Oregon Health Plan to the Warm Springs Clinic and seek out a Contact Representative to discuss your

You may also call the clinic at 541-553-1196 and ask to speak with a Contact Representative.

Additional information is at