CTWS Tribal Council Summaries – Jan. 2023

The Warm Springs Tribal Council provides summaries of its meetings which include the list of those present, the items on the agenda, presenters and any actions taken by the Council that day.  You can read the actual summaries below.

In the January 3rd meeting, a motion was approved unanimously by 8 members to authorize Attorney Brent Hall to do an assessment to determine requirements for buffalo hunting in Montana.

The following day, January 4th, there was an update from Warm Springs Power and Water Enterprise. Council member Jim Manion made a motion for approval to adopt Resolution No. 13, 020 which was seconded by Alvis Smith III and carried unanimously by 8 members. The resolution supported Power Enterprise in pursuing grant funding for Infrastructure Investment.

On January 5th – Tribal Council cancelled its meeting due to a lack of quorum.

January 9th there were updates from the Water Control Board, Range, Agriculture & Irrigation Committee, the Fish & Wildlife Committees, and the Culture & Heritage Committee.  A High Lookee Lodge Update was also shared by Fay Hurtado.

On January 10th Council continued to hear updates from the Education, Timber, Land Use Planning and Health & Welfare Committees.  There was a discussion about the Coquille Tribes request for a letter of support for a Class II gaming project as well.

January 11th – Tribal Council was in session and heard an update on the Bureau of Indian Affairs Detention Facility planned for Warm Spring with the presentation by Bruan Mercier and Clinton Funk.  There was also a workshop on Water that council participated in with Attorneys Josh Newton and Ellen Grover in executive session

Tribal Council met on January 16th.  There was an update from the Secretary Treasurer followed by approval of the February agenda and decisions about travel delegations. Draft resolutions and letters were presented by Secretary-Treasurer Bobby Brunoe.

  • A letter was approved regarding a request from the Coquille Indian tribe regarding fee to trust and their gaming facility project. A motion carried regarding a settlement agreement.
  • A motion carried for a letter regarding administrative compliance order on consent and an emergency administrative order.
  • Approval was given to waive competitive bidding requirements for a contract for work at the Kah-Nee-Ta lagoon.
  • Approval was given for a limited waiver of tribal sovereign immunity for the Alliant contract.
  • A motion to allow public utilities to apply for grants, failed due to lack of a second.
  • A resolution passed approving the STIFF transportation plan from COIC and appointed people to the Warm Springs STIFF advisory committee. Those people are Andrea Breault, Rosemary Alarcon, Lorien Stacona, James Holliday, Janell Smith, Caroline Cruz, Colleta Macy, Lena Chi,  Lyle Katchia & Francis Martinez as an alternate.
  • There were realty items on the agenda, one including a homesite lease and another regarding placement of a community pavilion.
  • There was a COVID-19 update.
  • A motion carried regarding the mountain grazing group.
  • There was an enrollment report with a resolution pass to enroll six individuals.
  • Daniel Ahern, Roberta Armstrong & Anita Jackson were each appointed to serve as Tribal Court Judges Pro Tempore to hear and preside over cases in which a judge pro tempore is eligible to serve, and to which he may be assigned from time to time by the Chief Judge of the Tribal Court, and to perform all services required in such cases, with full authority in such matters as a Judge of the Warm Springs Tribal Court.

On January 17th – Tribal Council heard an update from Human Resources

January 18th Tribal Council convened for a Finance update from Isaac George   There was a presentation from Oregon State University Cascades Campus regarding the memorandum of Understanding.  Council viewed an informational video the Warm Springs Tribes were presenting at the Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians Conference.  In Executive Session – a Water Workshop was conducted by Attorneys Josh Newton & Ellen Grover.

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