CTWS Tribal Council Feb 2023 Summaries

Warm Springs Tribal Council publishes summaries of their meetings for the Tribal Membership.  In February Council met on the 6th when they heard updates from BIA Warm Springs Agency Superintendent Brenda Bremner, Bureau of Trust Funds Administration with Kevin Moore and BIA Realty Items with Greta White Elk.  A funding request was approved for Lincoln’s Powwow from Health & Human Services.  There was a COVID-19 Update and both Federal and State Legislative Conference calls with Matt Hill and Michael Mason.  Tribal Council met in executive session with Tribal Attorneys Josh Newton and Ellen Grover and then another executive session was held with Attorney Brent Hall.  A motion carried to move forward with drafting a resolution addressing the signing of non-disclosure agreements in the Columbia River Treaty.  Other approved actions included: approval for the filing of an amicus brief in McCormack vs. Settler in the Oregon Supreme Court;  with a letter to be sent to Coby Howell of the US Department of Justice asking to file that amicus brief.  And approval was given for the drafting of a letter to Curt Melcher at the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife regarding recent Oregon fish passage rule revisions.  TC SUM 02 06 23.mry

Warm Springs Tribal was in session on February 7th.  Enterprise updates were presented by: Tim York for Warm Springs Telecom; Lori Fuentes & Board Members for Warm Springs Credit Enterprise; Jim Souers for the Warm Springs Economic Development Corporation; Danielle Wood for Warm Springs Housing Authority; and Brian Prater for the Warm Springs Timber LLC.  TC SUM 02 07 23.mry

A summary of the agenda and actions in Warm Springs Tribal Council Chambers on February 13th shows a number of Committee Members present.   There was a presentation on Willamette Falls issues by Tribal Attorney Brent Hall.  A motion was approved to send a letter to Washington Governor Jay Inslee in support of Michael Garrity to be appointed to the Northwest Power and Conservation Council.  Committee updates were given by: Myra Johnson-Orange for the Culture & Heritage Committee; Cyril Jim for the Fish & Wildlife On-Reservation Committee; Bruce Jim for the Fish & Wildlife Off-Reservation Committee; and Frank Smith & Reina Estimo for the Health & Welfare Committee.  TC SUM 02 13 23.mry

6 Warm Springs Tribal Council Members participated in a February 21st meeting.  There was an update from Secretary-Treasurer Bobby Brunoe and both the March Agenda and Travel Delegations were approved.  Follow up was agreed on for updating a letter for Tribal Council’s approval for the Indian Country Energy Group.  A Motion Carried for amendment of the CTWS Rules of the Court.  Michael Collins presented on the Tribal Backlog of Essential Maintenance, Alteration and Repair funding (or BEMAR).  Tribal Council authorized execution of current and future BEMAR project Agreements and contracts.  Approval of Culturally Appropriate artwork murals on Tribal Buildings was tabled until a policy is in place.  Warm Springs Economic Development Corporation Board of Directors Charles Jackson, Jim Souers, & Austin Smith Jr. were reappointed.  Motion carried to move forward with a letter to Mr. Bryan Newland, regarding comments of the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs Reservation of Oregon regarding proposed revisions to 25 C.F.R. Part 151 as presented by attorneys Ellen Grover & Howard Arnett.  Approval was given for Resolution No. 13,034, as amended for regulations for a tribal subsistence fisheries – Lamprey Harvest at Willamette Falls and Lamprey Harvest at Sherars Falls.  A motion carried to set aside Tribal Land for use at the Warm Springs Water Treatment Plant for benefit of the Warm Springs Community.  Joel Florendo requested a name chance for the  Warm Springs Rodeo Association and and interest regarding the rodeo grounds lease.  Plus a Cattle and Ride Boss Resolution will be worked on with the Range & Ag Department.  2 individuals were enrolled becoming Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs Tribal Members.  There was one relinquishment request approved for an individual as well. TC SUM 02 21 23.mry