Change to Spring Fishery for Columbia River Treaty Tribes

The Spring Fishery for the four Columbia River treaty fishing tribes for All Zone 6 mainstem fisheries will CLOSE 6pm tomorrow (THU 5/18/23) due to run forecast downgrade.

Because of the upriver Spring Chinook run size downgrade to 139,000 at the Columbia River mouth, the total treaty harvest of just over 9,900 is nearing the allowed treaty harvest limit. Therefore, the treaty mainstem fisheries will be closed until future run size changes indicate there are allowable fishery impacts or no later than 6:00 AM on Friday June 16, the start of the Summer Management Period.

The tribes will monitor the run and make changes as appropriate. Tributary fisheries are managed under separate limits from the mainstem fishery. This action does not affect the tributary fisheries. Please contact your tribe for current tributary regulations.

You can read the full details HERE