March 2023 CTWS Tribal Council Summaries

Warm Springs Tribal Council makes meeting summaries availalble to the Tribal Membership to keep them informed.  On March 6th, 2023 updates were given by Brenda Bremner for the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Warm Springs Agency and BIA Realty Items were presented by Greta White Elk.  There was a State Legislative Update Call with Michael Mason.  Tribal Attorneys Josh Newton and Ellen Grover presented a letter regarding Water Quality Standards Regulatory Revisions that was approved.  Attorney Brent Hall presented in Executive Session that was followed by approval to send a letter to John Podesta, Senior Advisor to the President for Clean Energy Innovation and Implementation, requesting a meeting with the Columbia River Treaty Tribes.  Indian Head Casino board members and general manager Shawn McDaniels met with Tribal Council in Executive Session.

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Warm Springs Tribal Council was in session on March 7th. Secretary Treasurer/CEO Robert Brunoe gave an update on the Chief Judge. Travel Delegations were approved for Chief Joe Moses, Wilson Wewa, Jr., Carlos Calica and Jonathan Smith to attend a groundbreaking ceremony at Siletz on March 11th. Jim Souers gave an update on Hemp. An update on the Water Treatment Plant was presented by Chico Holliday and Barry Buchanan. Reina Estimo and Raylene Thomas updated on Missing and Murdered Indigenous Relatives. And, Council met with Jefferson County District Attorney Steven Leriche.

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On March 8th, Tribal Council heard an update from 509-J School District Superintendent Jay Mathisen and staff. Valerie Switzler and Deanie Smith presented on the Early Childhood Education Center and parents expressed concerns about an incident. And, there was an update on Carbon Sequestration from Malcom Volmer, Austin Smith Jr, and Ellen Grover.

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On March 14th, Council met with Coby Howell & Brent Hall regarding United States Department of Justice. A travel delegation was approved for Joe Moses to attend the Columbia River Intertribal Fish Commission meeting in Yakama. There was a discussion about funeral grants with Olivia Wallulatum. Tribal Council Priorities were discussed and there was a consensus to move forward using Blue Stone, and to include General Managers at the workshop.

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