Youth Film Workshop

The Warm Springs Community Action Team is doing another Film workshop intensive with actress Cara Jade Myers, who was here earlier in the year.  The 5-day filmmaking workshop intensive is for Warm Springs youth ages 14-18.  The workshop will be held August 25th thru the 29th.  She hopes the workshop has some positive impact for our youth saying I’m hoping that I can tell them that our stories matter.  I want them to understand that and to actually internalize that so they are excited to tell their stories.  Because we need to see our future on the screen.  I wish I had someone when I was in high school or middle school – teach me this stuff because I would be so much further along, I’m really excited.  I hope they get inspired that they can do it.  That even if they don’t see themselves that much on TV that they .  They can be the generation to bust through the door and be everywhere.”

Cara Jade Meyers along with Warm Springs Tribal Member Film makers LaRonn Katchia and Brutis Baez are presenting the workshop August 25th thru the 29th.  Space is limited so youth should apply as soon as possible.   You can register online HERE..

During the workshop youth will learn the basic fundamentals of acting and filmmaking. A short film will be created as part of the learning process.