For the Health of It in February

Why is portion size important? When you hear having five fruits and veggies a day, remember if it is a big apple it can count as two servings. The serving size for fruit is about the size of your fist or half a cup.

That might mean if you are having five full cups of fruit that you actually getting 10 servings in a day. Knowing the serving size of breads, meats and fats helps you plan to get enough to be healthy and not get too much. If we eat too much then we not only can gain wait but also not get the other food groups we need. If we do not get a variety of foods, then we do not get all the nutrients the body needs to be healthy.

So, for a quick guide- a portion size of veggies is about what would fit if you cupped your two hands together and for grains it is about the size of a hand. So one slice of bread is a serving. For meat a serving is about the size of the palm of your hand or a deck of cards. So, eat to your health this month! Brought to you by the Warm Springs Diabetes Program.