For The Health Of It in March

The most common barrier to exercise is lack of time. Jobs, kids, social obligations and other responsibilities frequently add up to shrink your available time for exercise. When time is tight, physical activity is easily pushed aside.

Overcoming this obstacle requires mental shifting and planning. Human bodies are meant to move, and viewing exercise as a needed part of a healthy body makes creating time for it easier. Plan exercise into your schedule and mark it on your calendar or in your phone. This way, you have to plan time to be active in advance, as opposed to hoping you’ll find a few minutes to squeeze it in.

If you still find lack of time is an issue, start with five minutes of activity daily. These five minutes will add up to modest health improvements, but more importantly, they will instill a habit of regular exercise you can build upon.

This health message is brought to you by the Warm Springs Diabetes Program.