For the Health of It in July

By now, most people have heard all about how terrible sitting all day is for our bodies. Even if you regularly get exercise, if you sit for several hours a day at work or school or home, move once in a while.

You could aim to take regular breaks during the day to move, such as walking to the water fountain to get a drink of water or standing during phone conversations. Take a walk during a break at work. Pedal a stationary bike or do strength training exercises while you watch TV at night. It can even help to take what is sometimes called a micro break. That is getting up from the desk and doing some filing or bringing a file to a person. At home, you could make it a habit to walk or pace while on the cell phone. Even at your desk, you could sit on an exercise ball. You could set a timer on your phone or desk calendar to go off every hour to remind you to move.

So move it, move it. This monthly health tip is brought to you by the Warm Springs Diabetes Program.