Water News for Aug. 27, 2019

Yesterday residents in Greeley Heights woke up to low water pressure and for some – no water.  This was due to a series of minor events and everything is back to normal today.  There was a failure at the water treatment plant on Saturday which was repaired promptly.  Because the reservoirs are filled, the plant was not operating at the time.

The Branch of Public Utilities does two daily reads of tank levels at Tewee, South East, Greeley Heights and West Hills. There is a float system for tank level readings and there have been issues with the West Hills system causing false readings.  That was the case this weekend when it appeared that there were low levels in the West Hills reservoir. As such, water was diverted to the reservoir. However, it wasn’t needed and water should have been diverted to Greeley Heights.

Additionally, the pressure at the PRV at the George Street station was turned down over the weekend due to reported high pressure at homes in the Upper Dry Creek (UDC) area. This means that less water is able to move through the system to the South East reservoir.

The PRV at the George Street has been adjusted so that more water can be moved to the South East reservoir. More water is being diverted to Greeley Heights and West Hills.  And a new float system for tank level readings will be purchased for the West Hills Reservoir.

Additionally, as a precaution, everyone is encouraged to continue to conserve water to assist in maintaining reservoir water levels.