COVID-19 Vaccination Policies Updated for CTWS

An Email sent out by Secretary-Treasurer/CEO of the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs Glendon Smith, outlined the Updated COVID-19 Policies, Protocols and exemptions for the Tribes.

One of the biggest outlines: Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccination, ALL Employees and Volunteers shall be fully vaccinated. This Mandate is due to the high risk to employees. Vaccinated employees shall provide a copy of their vaccination record to the Human Resources Department who will keep a copy on file. If they are not fully vaccinated, they need to provide a copy to the Human Resources Department for each stage of their vaccination until they are fully vaccinated. New Employees shall be required to be fully vaccinated within the first six months of employment. Human Resources will grant medical or religious exemption to this vaccine requirement, so long as they exemption does not pose an undue hardship or direct threat to health or safety.

Another Update is the Administrative COVID-19 Leave Policy: All Employees regardless of status (i.e., limited duration, part time, probationary) may receive COVID administrative leave for up to 25 days total for the three following scenarios.

  1. If you are positive with the COVID virus; or
  2. If you have been exposed and placed on quarantine; or
  3. Need to care for members in your household, or for your immediate family members.

The Protocols for the use of Longhouse(s) was updated on 2/11/22: It is highly recommended all gatherings only be open for local residents of Warm Springs community. No buffet style or serving of food to tables, must be in take-out boxes. Children must remain with adults.

You can check all the updates in the forms attached!

COVID 19 Vaccine Religious Exception Form

COVID -19 Team Recommendation

Protocols for Use of Longhouse(s) 2 11 22

PER 905 D Administrative COVID-19 Leave

PER 905C Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccination