CTWS Tribal Council Summaries – July 2023

Warm Springs Tribal Council meeting summaries from July 2023 are now available to Tribal Members.


During the July 3, 2023 session there was a State Legislative Update with Michael Mason and a Federal Legislative Update with Matthew Hill.  Bureau of Indian Affairs Realty Items were presented approving two leases for Tribal Members. A Tribal Attorney Update was given by Josh Newton & Howard Arnett.  Tribal Council then met in Executive Session.


Tribal Council met on July 6, 2023 with Branch updates on the agenda.  Austin Smith Jr reported on the Branch of Natural Resources.  Chico Holliday reported on the Branch of Public Utilities.  Nancy Seyler reported on the Branch of Public Safety.  An update from the Office of Information Systems was scheduled but did not take place.  A Resolution was approved for an Indigenous Animals Harvesting & Meat Processing Grant Program for an alternate location and in support of the ongoing operation of the IAG Facility on a self-sustaining basis after the Grant period is over Tribal Council also held a meet and greet with Oregon State University Cascades leadership and staff.


During the July 10, 2023 session there were Enterprise Updates from Shawn McDaniels and board members for Indian Head Casino and the Plateau Travel Plaza.  Cathy Ehli and board members presended on Warm Springs Power and Water Enterprises and Warm Springs Composite Products update was given by Jake Coochise.  Tribal Council met in Executive session about a letter to Grand Ronde with attorney Howard Arnett.  A motion carried for a letter to be sent to the Grand Rhonde Tribal Council Chair and the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife regarding the memorandum of agreement on non-trust land hunting.  There was a Museum at Warm Springs Update with Elizabeth Woody and Olney Patt Jr.  Tim York provided an update for Warm Springs Telecom.  And there was a discussion about a resolution in support of the Sun Dance in Ceded Lands (regarding the fire ban)


On July 11, 2023 – Council heard updates from:

  • Danielle Wood for the Warm Springs Housing Authority
  • Brian Prater for the Warm Springs Tiber Company LLC
  • Fay Hurtado for High Lookee Lodge
  • Isaac George from Finance regarding Grant Funding
  • Jim Souers for the Warm Springs Economic Development Corporation with updates on Kah-Nee-Ta and the Cannabis Project.


On July 12, 2023 Tribal Council participated in an Indian Head Casino Workshop.  An overview on the background of Gaming was presented by Ellen Grover.  A resolution was approved to have legal counsel work toward a request on behalf of the the Tribe to negotiate in good faith amendments to the Highway 26 compact.  Another Resolution passed to amend the Warm Springs Indian Head Casino Charter to form subordinate enterprises or businesses and for Warm Springs Credit Enterprise to form holding companies in support of gaming and related businesses of the Tribe.


During the July 17, 2023 session there was an update from Secretary-Treasurer Robert Brunoe.  Lucille Suppach-Sampson presented for Vital Stats with 3 enrollments approved along with one relinquishment of membership.  Travel was discussed with approval given for delegations.  A letter to the United States Environmental Protection Agency regarding an Emergency Administrative Order was approved and a resolution on the Integrated Waste Management Plan was tabled.  There was a Federal Legislative Update Call with Matthew Hill and a State Legislative Update Call with Michael Mason. An Indian Health Service Update was given by Hyllis Dauphinais.  The Health & Human Services Update was presented by TJ Foltz.  And Michael Collins gave a Managed Care Update.


On July 18, 2023 Tribal Council was in session.  The approved a travel delegation to attend the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife meeting in Salem on July 24.   Tribal Attorney Ellen Grover did a presentation about Warm Springs Power & Water Enterprise including governance and history and the generation of Trust Revenues.  Also included was an energy timeline and information about Solar Energy & Storage Review.  Following the presentation, a resolution passed to exercise authority under Chapter 413 with regard to the HEARTH Act.  A second resolution passed approving Warm Springs Power & Water Enterprise to investigate solar energy development on the Reservation.


You can view the full summaries by click on these PDFs

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